Top 10 Tech Gadgets 2022

Tech is really cool and has changed the way we live our everyday lives. It has the potential to completely change the way we view aspects of our lives and get the chance to do more. With the arrival of the original iPhone in 2007, Apple changed the world by having a cellular device that provided most of the things you use a computer for. Today, so many more amazing gadgets. Find our selection below:

1 Air Tags

Recently, Apple has unveiled its new air tag technology. The premise of the item is that it can track whatever you decide to tag the item on. There are many things that people end up losing and a way of keeping track of those important things would be a lifesaver.

With new tech, there is always the concern of how it may affect the safety of what you are doing. However, Apple has already stated how they are going to prevent people from stalking or spying on each other. Nothing is more important to them than the safety of their customers. They are going to be released on April 30 and going for $29.99 apiece.

2 HyperX quadcast

The HyperX quad cast has been a revolution in the world of microphones Due to the pandemic, many people in the professional world have been forced to do their calls online. Many people in the older generation don't know how to set up their audio properly and use their webcam microphone. Though the Quadcast provides great sound for a steal of a price. The sound quality is as smooth as butter and gives you some of the best quality of any microphone that you can find on the market. On top of that, you can also get the microphone for different kinds of purposes as well.

There is a function that you can use for podcasting when you have multiple people to talk to. There are also options set up for interviews if that's what you want to conduct. Livestreaming has become much more popular last year than it has ever been. That allows you to make videos or do continuous streams where you can mute it with just the tap of a button. It's a must-have for people who want to make quality content with the quality of a professional. The microphone has even been shown in interviews with politicians.

3 One Plus Watch

One Plus wants to blend tech and the expectations of a premium experience together while not detracting from the other. When wearing a smartwatch or a Fitbit, many people who care about luxury feel like they are sacrificing the look of the watch to be able to use the tech. There are many consumers who do not have the iPhone so this is the only viable option to use a smartwatch. When Apple faces competition, you will be saving a lot more money, while fulfilling many of the same essential functions of what you use the watch for.

The display of the watch is bright, yet big enough for all of the essential information that you would care about. On top of that, the wrap that goes around your wrist is slick and durable. The watch has a sense of quality from it that you wouldn't expect from a secondary phone. You still get a lot of the same information that you would with other phones, but that's fine. It even does smaller, more convenient tasks that make your life easier, like provide a flashlight in the dark when you don't have a light source. It can also set up flashlights whenever you need to use them.

4 Nike HyperAdapt

The Nike HyperAdapt was inspired by the Nike Air Mags from the movie, “Back to the future 2” Those sneakers were unveiled 6 years to celebrate the date that the movie shared years ago as well as a charity designed to raise money for Parkinson's research. The concept of the shoes is easy to grasp, that being that you don't have to manually tie them. They are controlled on the shoe itself as well as the app on the phone that you use. This technology works to give you a consistent feel whenever you are wearing sneakers.

Right now the most popular model out there is a lifestyle model but more recently, sneakers are releasing for the purpose of playing Basketball. As of right now, it's hard to be able to make these shoes due to all of the technology it takes along with scalping being common in the industry. Unfortunately, the only way you can get these shoes right now is using the secondary market which is going to mark up the sneakers a lot more from retail. As time goes on, these shoes are going to become a lot more available.

5 Amazon Alexa

Amazon is a company that's known for delivering things to people and not known for its technology, but Alexa was still great. Alexa takes care of just about anything that you could ask an AI to do for you. If you want to deliver things for yourself. If you want to listen to the news, you can do so on just about any radio station. If you want to listen to music, you can do it through just about any music that you own or any music that is widely available. It can also give you answers to the many questions you may have through search engines.

On top of that, the gadget also comes with 6 free months worth of music with Amazon music. It's incredibly convenient and makes for an easier day-to-day experience as you're working. Most people are only going to use it so they can ask questions. But some people are going to have more of a purpose when they take advantage of this gadget. Some want to use it for parties or have some soft music that can play for business meetings. The only limit is your creativity.

6 Roomba

There have been so many Roombas that you have at your disposal to buy that it's hard to decide what to buy. The idea of the Roomba is that it's able to clean all the dist and debris in your room with no effort from you as an individual. It's also smart enough to know when there are walls or things that the Roomba shouldn't approach. Everyone needs to clean the rooms that they live in for the sake of mental health and presentation. However, many people don't have the time to constantly take down their room to get this done.

These are more of a luxury item and people don't always have the money to be able to spend on a robot such as this. Some are $400 for you to buy while others are $259. The option that you end up selecting should be something that you afford but will also accomplish the tasks that you have set out for the Roomba. On Amazon, there are tons of deals that you should be able to find where the prices are relatively low with deals that are able to get you a lower price.

7 Corsair Virtuoso RGB

Corsair has some of the top headsets that are available on the PC market. Many of the ones you get for gaming have wires but more and more people like wireless headsets. When sitting on the wires for so long the quality is going to go down which most people don't want for their headsets. This headset is made with the purpose of being consistent while not having to sacrifice much else. The sound quality is very important and it's not something that the makers of this piece of technology were lazy on.

The other important thing you must think about as a consumer is the voice quality that you have when talking to others. It's been much more convenient to use a gaming headset rather than a studio microphone because you can walk around with it. Sometimes, people want to be able to get and walk around their room while still being connected to the people that they are talking to. The headset uses Bluetooth technology so that's able to connect with multiple devices and make everything a lot easier for you.

8 Elgato game capture

Everyone wants to capture footage that they are using to use in editing projects. Sometimes, this can just be for making memes, and other times this can just be for making a video on something that they are currently playing. Some people like to use Gameplay footage for stock which has been pretty effective as of the most recent years on YouTube. The Elgato game capture allows you as the consumer to get the best footage possible without sacrificing anything else while you use the device. It's essential if you want to record and edit with the best footage you can record.

The Elgato game capture is $140 and works on anything that uses an HDMI output. Gameplay footage has always been able to be recorded, but it's never been as high-quality or consistent as it's been today. This also allows you to record on just about every modern PC and gaming console that you could imagine. Some of you may want to make commentary on a video game or TV which would allow for the best visual with this capture. It's not for everyone, but the people who do want to use that footage are going to be helped a lot with this device.

9 Holy Stone HSS110D Drone

Drone shots have become very common in media and they can have a lot of effect on whatever you are directing that day. Before they used to be very exclusive and expensive for people who wanted to be more ambitious with the movies that they produced but now they're getting more affordable. This is very effective on pieces on land that seemingly go on forever. Beaches or desserts have really impressive-looking shots that you should consider doing if you are making a VLOG or some kind of short movie that would benefit from this shot.

Before drones would've cost thousands of dollars to buy, but due to Amazon's investing, it has become one of the greatest ways to get a bird's eye view for a cheap price. You can get this model in particular for only $64 which is a steal compared to what you would've had to pay for it just a couple of years ago. They're not for everyone, but they're essential for the people who want to make travel content or just show off whatever is in their area. They are controlled with a video-game-like controller while getting all of the footage in 1080p.

10 Chromecast

The Google Chromecast is one of the best pieces of tech that the company has ever put out. There have usually been things that you have always wanted to put on your expensive HD TV from your computer. The problem is that you never knew how but knew there would always be a massive amount of potential for it. This is incredible for people who are presenting slides for a group or business on a bigger screen. The only things that are required to make this work are Google Chrome as well as both the computer and the PC connected to the same network.

Of course, many of the TVs that are made today have apps built in to watch YouTube and Netflix, but there is so much that you can't watch on the app. Many times, the only way to watch something on a site that the producer of the TV doesn't like is to use the Chromecast. In some case, there are some streaming services that you can only watch on TV by using the Chromecast. The Chromecast feels like a full transition of all the things you imagined watching on your computer years to be on your TV.

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