The best digital transformation online courses

Digital transformation is vital for all corporations, from the small to the big enterprise. That message comes thru loud and clean from apparently each keynote, panel discussion, article, or examination associated with how corporations can continue to be successful and applicable as the world will become more digital. A lot of companies and employees don't know how to face this uncertain future.

In this new emerging world, where digitization has grasped its position, it has become important for our generation to walk hand-in-hand with emerging technology. To help you get just the right knowledge you need, many online institutions have taken the initiative towards offering the right education through online digital transformation courses. This guide will help you choose the best course to enhance your strategic response to this new trend. 

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Coursera: Digital Transformation

This is a four-week digital transformation course that emphasizes helping you enhance your business value by understanding technology. You can opt for a seven day free trial for this course; if you understand what they are teaching, then continue by registering for this course. Digital transformation helps you get acquainted with the business models used by prominent organizations like Facebook, Google, and Apple. 

edX: Digital Transformation strategy

Created by Boston University, this is a six-week-long course where you can learn to explore the digital world and provide an imperishable light to your business growth. This course will help you understand how machine learning can amplify an employee's talent. 

Udacity for Business

Udacity offers a ticket for a descriptive voyage to Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality to help you understand the core of digital exploitation. 

Udemy: Defining a digital transformation roadmap

This course will help you connect to the basics of digital transformation requirements, which would help you see digitization in a whole new way. Learn how to eradicate any mistake and see how to create an engaging and approachable program for your company.

Kellogg Digital Transformation Program (Northwestern | Kellogg School of Management)

This program requires senior executives and leaders who possess at least 10 years of experience and verbal and written English fluency. This course is about leveraging technology to improve your business strategies and growth in real-time. This 6 months course helps you develop a skill set of innovative and leading solutions to establish Digital Transformation. 

Digital Transformation (MIT Professional Education):

If you want to be thorough about the fundamentals of Digital Transformation, then get yourself registered with this course. This is a 6 weeks long course that requires your 4-6 hours a week in total to get fully familiarized with digital transformation techniques like AI, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity. 

Digital Disruption: Digital Transformation Strategies (University of Cambridge)

This online program is for those who want to take a comprehensive part in developing their organization strategies. This is a two-month online digital transformation course where you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with the second-to-none faculty of Cambridge judge via video lectures. This course is filled with different case studies and projects to polish your thinking capability even further. 

We hope this guide was useful to you. Select the course that fits your needs and start learning!

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