The glorious career that many aspire – Nursing

Are you interested in a career for a noble cause? Would you like to have a job that offers steady and excellent along with job flexibility? If these parameters interest you, you might consider nursing as your career.

A job that involves meaningful work to cast a positive impact around you. You can interact with millions of people to help them on an intimate level. Yes, the world of nursing is indeed a handful of good jobs. If you are thinking of it as a career option, do not fail to check out the significant benefits of a nursing degree.

Rising demand for Nursing 

After the outbreak of pandemic, the world has understood the importance of nurses every passing day. Nurses are an integral part of the healthcare system. It is their responsibility to perform crucial functions in order to keep the  patients safe, healthy, and comfortable. According to the latest reports, there is a shortage of nurses in the US. Moreover, almost one million baby-boomers will be retiring shortly. So it is needless to say that  the demand for nurses has never been so high.

The hospitals and medical facilities  are designing several lucrative and competitive packages to attract more nurses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for nurses is expected to go more than 12% between now and 2028.  It is a high job growth which you may nor have seen in the majority of professions.

Opting a nursing degree not only ensures steady work for the upcoming years but also more power during the hiring process to negotiate some great benefits for yourself.

Enjoy Degree Flexibility

With the advent of online degrees, nursing degree too can be obtained through enrollment in online classes. This offers an easy and flexible way to pursue a nursing degree. A few great options include:

  • 4-year college nursing degree: It is the traditional four-year program that offers wonderful paths for nursing students. You can opt for it if you are  looking for a classic four-year college experience.
  • Online nursing degree: Online education has become a major change in the field of nursing. It offers greater flexibility of pursuing as a nurse even during the course.
  • Online and in-person degree: It is a perfect blend of the above paths. While you may get the theoretical knowledge online, you can learn the practical part in-person at a school. This course mode indeed offers the best of both worlds. You can get your base online and enjoy studying from home, and then move to a school setting where you get hands-on instruction and interaction with peers.

You can explore different programs  to pick what works best for your specific needs, and you’ll be an RN in no time!

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Consistent and High-Paying Salary

As a nurse, you can enjoy consistent and high paying salaries owing to the high demand of nursing jobs. The median salary for registered nurses in the United States is $70,000. Nurses who obtain  specialization can fetch up to six figures, around $107,000.  Even if you are in more generalized roles, you can opt for night shifts and weekend shifts that will offer you approximately $40 per hour,as a padded hourly wage. This can be added as a boost to your salary.

Varying Job Areas

Every city , every village and every state requires competent nurses. Therefore, a nursing degree offers you the flexibility and option to move throughout the country. You may not know what life has in store for you but having a consistent job is a blessing that many people crave.

Amazing Job Diversity

As you pursue a nursing degree, you can choose between a daily job in a hospital or a doctor’s office or opt for pursuing in the education sector.  You can find several health homes offering teaching opportunities.If you want to settle down for a less hectic and chaotic career  than hospitals, this can be the perfect job for you. With home health, you get to become part of your patients’ lives and become an essential function of their environment.

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Career Satisfaction

The high level of job satisfaction is a major reason why a large number of people are interested in pursuing a nursing degree. The hands-on nature of the job ensures that you can actually make significant improvements in your patients with every single  action. Your job can actually impact people positively, offering you a high level of satisfaction. .

The level of satisfaction of your patients’ recovery is something that is worth the degree. You can ail the sick, comfort those in fear and anxiety and perform several vital functions ensuring proper care and help.Through this noble profession, you can ensure a healthy society and become respected and appreciated by anyone  you cross your paths.

Lifelong Learning Opportunity

Nursing offers a neverending ongoing learning experience. Starting with an educational base and training, you can learn all the way along your job. Every patient comes with unique needs, you will have to learn several new procedures and know about new tools as the science advances with time. If you are a learner, you will enjoy the profession of a nurse..

As a nurse, you have to be equipped with the latest medical information. You may have to attend conferences, online courses, webinars, read journals, and make any effort required to ensure an updated knowledge base.

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