Best way to choose the best running shoes

Best running shoes are those that offer comfort as well as style. When runners  are looking out for a new  running shoe, they want the best one. But what are the criteria to become the best running shoe? Well. there are a lot. You may have some ideas of what makes a shoe the best running shoes. This must be some of the answers popping up in your head: the perfect cushioning,  lightweight, a comfortable fit, and obviously the one that offers the best support.  The path of a running shoe from the factory to the high profile malls is not so easy. Did you know these running shoes on the shopping window are tested using dirt paths, paved roads, and rocky singletrack trails? Moreover, these shoes undergo several lab testing to test its flexibility, sole thickness, cushioning and weight. Yes, all these are done to prepare the best running shoes for the  runners of all sizes and ages. The best running shoe offers you the best comfort, fit, ride, and performance. The top three types of running shoes that have got a green signal from the lab testing are the Altra King MT 1.5, Adidas PulseBOOST HD, and the Adidas Adizero Boston 8. Here are a few point guides to help you in choosing the best running shoes.

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Factors you must check to choose the best running shoes

Weight of the running shoe:

The weight of the running shoe serves as a significant factor for determining the best running shoes for the runners.  While a heavier shoe can lead to more aerobic activity, a lighter shoe with less cushioning enhances the speed of runners. However, a heavier shoe with extra cushioning is more comfortable for long distance runs. For instance, Altra’s shoes are heavier shoes with flat heels that are popular among runners. You must have noticed elevated heels and heavy cushioning in running shoes. These are ways to absorb the impact while running.  Another example of the best running shoe is the Altra King MT 1.5 for men and women. Its pricing ranges between $79.95 and $140 at REI and Amazon.

Nature of Run Track

Runners can decide on the best running shoes based on the question ‘where are they going to run?’ and ‘How long are they going to run?’. If you are looking for a high quality everyday running shoe , Adidas PulseBOOST HD or Altra King MT 1.5 can serve the purpose. You can trust it for a smooth 300 miles to 600 miles run. However, if you are a runner and want a competitive advantage in the track, you must opt for a lightweight running shoe to run faster. However these running shoes offer better speed, they wear off very quickly. Usually, you can trust the light-weight running shoe for a smooth 200 to 500 miles run.Adidas Terrex Speed LD is a great choice for the category.  It retails for around $119 on Amazon.

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Comfort of Shoes

Comfort is of utmost importance while selecting the best running shoes. The shoe’s material, stack height and most importantly how the runner’s feet feel inside it must be taken into consideration. 

The stack height refers to the material between the ground and the runner’s foot and  range from minimal and maximal to highly cushioned. Most running shoes have middle-grade stack heights.  If you are a runner who prefers feeling the ground instead of the cushioning, you  should choose a minimal or low stack height.  Whereas those who enjoy plush cushioning when running would choose a stack height to avail the impact protection.  Altra Duo 1.5 is a perfect pick for a high stack running shoe which is found on Amazon for $129. On the other hand,Adidas Adizero Boston 8,is a good pick for low stack running shoes.  It retails for around $140 on Amazon.

Final Words

It can be tricky to find out which shoe is the best running shoe for you. But following these quick tips can make it easier for you. Ultimately, the best running shoes are the most comfortable ones. Do not go with the words from your running buddy or the salesman, try out the running shoes for yourself and choose the one that intuitively makes your feet feel better.

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