50 Times People Fooled No One With Their Fake Pics Online

If you have Instagram, you know that it's full of perfectly edited photos and beautiful people. But you probably also know that most Instagram pictures are not real. As a matter of fact, they're not even close to reality. So, today, we're sharing 50 people who went above and beyond to look perfect, then failed miserably.

1. Our Favorite Influencers

Photo editing filters are the reality of Instagram. There's an app for everything right now, including for enhancing your looks and improving your photos.

Unfortunately, not many people realize the serious impact these filtered images can have on a person's mental health. According to some studies, almost half of Instagram influencers that were surveyed said that being an influencer took a toll on their mental health, and 32% of them reported it negatively impacted their body image.

2. Terrifying And Not Real

3. Where Do We Even Start With This Fake Picture?

4. Hair Comes Before Eyelashes

There was a research study in 2017 that ranked Instagram as the most dangerous social media platform when it comes to its impact on young people’s mental health. This is due to the fact that along with other photo and video-based apps like Snapchat and TikTok, it also provides filters that dramatically change a person's appearance.

According to researchers, many people are upset because they don't look anything like their Instagram photos. This kind of thinking can cause serious damage to a person's mental health, possibly causing body dysmorphia which is a mental health disorder where a person spends a lot of time worrying about flaws in their appearance.

5. Unique Elbows

6. His vs. Her Point Of View

7. We Couldn't Have Said It Better

Another dangerous aspect of social media is the possible threat to our privacy and security. Most of these apps are extremely vulnerable to outsider threats and cyber attacks.

Photo editing apps often require user permission to access camera, photo library, location, microphone, and more. It's scary to think what would happen if someone managed to access all these tools without your consent.

8. Does She Really Think She Fooled Anyone?

9. Your Biggest Nightmare Comes to Life

10. You Don't Need a Filter, Kendall

To protect your privacy while editing photos, you should pay attention to the legitimacy of the apps you choose to download from the app store.

Also, have these tips in mind when downloading an app. You don't need photo editing apps. The fewer apps you have, the fewer data these apps collect and store. So, whenever you can just edit your photos on Instagram, do it and avoid using other apps.

11. Just a Minor Color Adjustment

12. Snapchat Fail

13. Impossible Standards

You should know that some of these top-ranked apps collect user data to later use for marketing purposes. So make sure you read the Terms of Service before using any app.

Pay extra attention to permission demanded by the app. Let's face it, your editing app doesn't need to know your exact location or have your contacts list to allow you to edit your photos.

Your safest bet would be to use apps created by reliable and reputable companies, known to be more responsible with their users' data.

14. Find the Fake One

15. Every New Photo is a New Chance to Show Your Editing Skills

16. Is This Even Allowed?

17. Forever Young

18. Is This Photoshop or Is He Just Holding a Paper Cut Out of Himself?

19. Live Performance vs. Video

20. They Are Both Lovely

21. Scary

22. Show Us Your ID Card

23. There Might Have Been Some Photo Edits Here

24. You Forgot to Do Your Fingers

25. There's Something Odd About Your Head

26. When Your Hairstylist Photoshops You

27. Everyone Has Their Strong Arm

28. Proper Body Proportion

29. Waves and Wavy Legs

30. They Forgot About the Pimple

31. She Knows Her Way Around Filters

32. Slenderman Beauty Standards

33. Everybody Knows, Kris

34. Instagram vs. Real Life

35. Skin Texture Doesn't Exist

36. Double Nose

37. Just Your Regular Gym Photo

38. Hips Don't Lie

29. Your Hair Gave You Away, Kim

40. Unattainable Ideal

41. No Comment

42. Another Tiny Waist

43. What Do You Have Against a Normal-Shaped Head?

44. Everything is a Blur

46. Minecraft House

46. Why Did You Post It?

47. She's Already Skinny As Is

48. Impossible Waist Standards

49. When You Would Do Everything For a Thigh Gap

50. Don't Clone Your Arm Please

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