30 Emotions Only Parents Will Understand

Being a parent is no walk in the park. And nobody hands you a parenting manual when you become a parent. But there are some universal feelings that every parent experiences from time to time. Whether that's the pressure of doing household chores or the need to gather everyone at dinner, every parent goes through daily hurdles and struggles with their children.

In this article, we've gathered the most common emotions that only parents will truly understand. Because of the unpredictable nature of children, parents have to go through a lot of challenges on a daily basis, so kudos to those who manage to keep their calm!

1. Drama Becomes Your Everyday Thing

2. You Forget About Your Pride

3. You Get Impatient From Time to Time

4. There's Always Something to Worry About

5. You'd Do Anything For Some Peace and Quiet

6. You Become a True Superhero

7. Beauty and The Grease

8. Little Things Can't Get to You Anymore

9. Patience is Your Middle Name

10. You Love Teasing Them

11. You're In Charge

12. It's Nap Time Somewhere

13. Weekends Are For Relaxing

14. Your Kitchen, Your Rules

15. Your Chores Are Your Responsibility

16. It's Their World; You're Just Living In It

17. They Are Enough

18. The Importance of Me Time

19. The Fridge Rule

20. Parents Required

21. Everyone Has An Opinion

22. You Deal With Your Kids' Emotions Too

23. You're Proud of Their Accomplishments

24. They're Your Little Geniuses

25. You Know Them Better Than Anyone

26. They Never Fail to Surprise You

27. Every Day Is a New Chance to Throw a Tantrum

28. They're Your Biggest Promoters

29. You Work With What You Got

30. You Never Know What to Expect

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