24 Hilarious Tweets About This Holiday Season That Will Make You Laugh If You’re A Parent

The holiday season is both a magical and challenging time, especially if you're a parent. So here are 24 funniest Tweets that any parent will relate to.

1. The Elf Excuse

2. Christmas Magic

3. Be Thankful

4. The Joy of Gift Giving

5. Those Little White Lies

6. Mom Is Santa

7. Raging Christmas

8. Testing Your Nerves

9. Time Out

10. Elf Vs. Beer

11. Drunk On Christmas

12. The Real Christmas Nightmare

13. Presentation Comes First

14. ‘No, Not The Gifts'

15. When You Make The Right Call

16. The Best Age

17. Why Bother?

18. You Win Some, You Lose Some

19. Playing Hide and Seek With Santa

20. Pokemon Season

21. Christmas Battle

22. Self on the Shelf

23. The Same People

24. It Makes Sense

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