Best ways to save a few bucks on hearing aids

According to the US statistics, 8 out of 10 seniors suffer from hearing loss.As you grow old,the hearing power degrades inevitably. Though doctors may not be able to bring back your natural hearing power, you may use technological alternatives like the electronic hearing aids.

Most Hearing aids are available at a pricing range starting from from $1,500 upwards to $3,500 per ear. The price points makes it harder for seniors to afford them. However, a few but some insurance policies and medicare plans in some states cover them. Therefore, here are a few ways that will help seniors to find affordable hearing aids as well as save some cash.

Knowing your employee benefits and exploring your health insurance

If you are employed or  a veteran, you must check with the employee benefits to know if they provide hearing aid coverage. Not all, but a few health insurance and medicare plans offer coverage for hearing aid. You can save the bucks if your plan does, so do not forget to check it. As a Medicare beneficiary, you can check with the plan administrator for Medicare Advantage offering hearing aid coverage. New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Arkansas require private insurers to cover part of the cost of hearing aids.

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Consult Non-profit organizations or foundations offering assistance to hearing loss 

Some hearing loss non-profit organizations or foundations like the Lions Club International can help to cover the cost of hearing aids. You may also reach out to the Hearing Loss Association of America and the Starkey Hearing Foundation for financial aid to buy hearing aids. However, your income would be checked and matched with the income threshold assigned by the organization to qualify for this assistance.

Contacting manufacturers of hearing aids

If you do not get any help from your employer or insurers, try reaching out to hearing aid manufacturers for assistance. You may get the contact of the manufacturers from any hearing loss organizations. The manufacturers generally offer trial programs where they offer their hearing aids to test subjects for free before the aid is exposed to the market.  In this way, you can get new hearing aids by committing some of your time  to the program.

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